2010年6月8日 星期二



The manufacturing model that has made China the workshop of the world has been called into question after the region's largest electronics maker announced it was reviewing its system of running large factory towns.

使中国成为“世界工厂”的制造业模式已受到质疑。此前亚太地区最大的电子产品制造商宣 布,将重新审视其运营大型厂区的制度。

Terry Gou, the head of Foxconn, whose clients include Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, said at the parent group Hon Hai's annual meeting in Taipei that a spate of suicides at his manufacturing hub made him realise that the “structure [of the manufacturing industry in China] has to change”.

富士康(Foxconn)董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)在母公司鸿海精密(Hon Hai)在台北举行的年会上表示,富士康制造中心发生的连环自杀事件使他意识到,“(中国制造业的)结构必须改变”。富士康的客户包括苹果 (Apple)、戴尔(Dell)和惠普(Hewlett-Packard)。

About 270,000 people live and work at the self-enclosed Foxconn campus in Shenzhen, the Chinese city bordering Hong Kong.


Mr Gou said companies such as Foxconn had to build a community from scratch around their factories when they entered China during the early days of its opening up in the 1980s. But “today we are going to return these social functions to the government”.

郭台铭表示,像富士康这样的企业在上世纪80年代中国改革开放初期到中国大陆开创业务 时,不得不从零开始,在自己的工厂周围构建社区。但是,“如今我们打算把这些社会职能交还给政府”。

Foxconn on Sunday announced a second big pay rise for its front-line workers across China. The group said it would offer a 66 per cent performance-related pay rise from October 1, on top of a 30 per cent wage increase announced last week.

富士康在上周日宣布,再度大幅上调中国各地厂区第一线工人的薪资。该集团表示,在上周 宣布的30%加薪基础上,从10月1日起将执行66%的绩效关联加薪。

“Today we are going a bit quickly and moving ahead of everyone else” but, when the adjustment to a higher-wage environment comes, “its speed and ferocity will be greater than you can imagine,” Mr Gou said.

郭台铭说:“眼下,我们的动作快了一点,抢在其他所有人前面”,但是,当朝着较高薪资 环境的调整到来时,“其速度与猛烈程度将超出你的想象。”

The move is a departure from the China investment model pioneered by Hong Kong and Taiwanese manufacturers.


It comes amid further signs of worker unrest in southern China. Honda confirmed yesterday that workers at a factory that supplies the Japanese carmaker had gone on strike. The workers appear to have been inspired by a successful industrial action at another Honda facility in nearby Foshan.

与此同时,中国南方正出现更多工人不安定迹象。本田(Honda)昨日确认,为这家日 本汽车制造商供货的一家工厂的工人已投入罢工。这些工人似乎受到邻近佛山市另一家本田工厂劳工行动取得成功的鼓舞。

Mr Gou said Foxconn was still exploring ways to separate the work and living environments of its workers but one option was to sell its dormitories to the government and rent them back for its staff as needed.

郭台铭表示,富士康仍在探索分隔工人工作与生活环境的方式,但其中一个选择是,将宿舍 卖给政府,然后根据需要为员工租赁这些宿舍。

“If a worker in Taiwan commits suicide because of emotional problems, his employer won't be held responsible, but we are taken to task in China because they are living and sleeping in our dormitories,” he said. This has become too big a burden for Foxconn to bear, Mr Guo said.

“如果台湾的一名工人由于情绪问题自杀,他的雇主不会被追究责任,但我们在中国大陆受 到责备,因为他们居住和睡在我们的宿舍里,”他表示。郭台铭称,这个负担已变得过于沉重,富士康承担不起。

In Hong Kong, Samuel Chin, chairman of Hong Kong-listed Foxconn International, said that price negotiations with its clients would be concluded within the next quarter and that the company aimed to pass on “as much as possible” of the increased costs to them.

在香港上市的富士康国际 (Foxconn International)董事长陈伟良(Samuel Chin)表示,与客户进行的价格谈判将在下一个季度内完成,公司将力求把“尽可能多的”增加的成本转移给客户。