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教育人行道 0407 2008

"We sued IBM for its infringing two of our patents related to storage on the Internet and server technology," said an Asustek spokesman who declined to give ...


我在台大餐廳(2008/4/7 1400),聽到一位類似教大陸研究的老師與他女學生的抱怨(六四的圖像無法學術處理,要(寫)讀論文……..):過去教育真偏差。怎麼我問些同學,許多人都不知道陳雲是誰;只教些「台灣對中國之政策」,難道「中國沒有對台灣之政策」?……

Larry King Live When is it on? Tonight at 09:00 pm CNN (ch 53) ... Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura ("Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! ...

這位仁兄現在居住社區相當生態 他說這輩子大部份投票時都為 Bush Clinton兩家族所主宰 多無聊無意義…..


She said that 1989 must rank as (= be) the most remarkable year for change in Europe since 1848.


Indeed, author James Collins has written that the System/360, along with Ford's Model T and the Boeing 707 jet, were the three most important business innovations of all time.

April 7, 1964: IBM Bets Big on System/360

By Randy Alfred Email 04.07.08 | 12:00 AM
The IBM System/360 mainframe was the darling and the workhorse of its day.

1964: IBM unveils the System/360 line of mainframe computers. It was a daring innovation that transformed business, science, government and the IT industry itself.

Computing was changing fast, which befuddled a lot of businesses. They knew they needed "electronic brains" to compete, but were reluctant to invest in more than they needed, or in systems they couldn't expand later, or that wouldn't operate well with their other computers and equipment.

In what some consider the biggest business gamble of all time, the International Business Machines Corp. invested $5 billion ($34 billion in today's dollars) in a family of six mutually compatible computers and 40 peripherals that could work together and be expanded in multiple combinations.

System/360 components included the CPU, control unit, display terminal, printer, data-cell storage, drum storage, disk storage and DASD control unit, tape storage, a tape control unit, card reader-card punch combination, console station and console typewriter.

All these elements worked with one another and with previous -- and future -- IBM equipment. They all used the same command set, or pretty near. The buyer could buy a small or low-performance system at low cost and upgrade later.

System/360 was the benchmark for mainframe performance for many years. It also introduced the de facto worldwide standard of the 8-bit byte, rendering 12-bit and 36-bit computers obsolete almost overnight.

The first production models weren't delivered until 1965. By 1966, IBM was selling a thousand systems a month, at $2.5 to $3 million ($20 million today) each. Big Blue's bet paid big.

Wired.com summarized the System/360's impact on its 40th anniversary:

System/360 was the world's first mainframe, and its introduction opened the door to a new era of computing in which, for the first time, it was possible to perform a million instructions per second. Even the lower-end models in the System/360 line were capable of 75,000 instructions per second.

And this newfound power, at prices most sizable businesses could afford, helped the banking and insurance industries, not to mention many others, move into a more modern age.

Indeed, author James Collins has written that the System/360, along with Ford's Model T and the Boeing 707 jet, were the three most important business innovations of all time.

It's worth noting that today's laptops are faster than the early 360s.

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  英特爾同日發佈的便攜資訊終端用微處理器“Atom”還將提供給處於PC和移動網際網路設備(MID:mobile internet device)之間位置的筆記型電腦“Netbook”和桌上型電腦“Nettop”上。Netbook比一般筆記型電腦更小更輕,但卻是配備全尺寸鍵盤 的廉價電腦。Nettop是Netbook的臺式版。兩者主要用於教育用途以及發展中國家的需求或者作為第2~3台電腦使用。英特爾將於2008年下半年 面向上述用途推出配備Atom處理器的開發平臺“Diamondville”。通過配備Atom處理器,可以減小主板尺寸,降低功耗等,僅主板就可以使成 本比普通桌上型電腦減少20~25%。

  另外,由於筆記型電腦存在丟失及被盜的危險,因此英特爾將於08年第四季度提供“防盜技術(Anti-Theft Technology)”。防盜技術將整合遠端管理功能及加密等現有的防盜功能,目前正與第三方軟體供應商(Third-Party Software Vendor)進行合作開發。

  作為慣例在IDF上公開的開發藍圖,英特爾公佈新一代筆記型電腦開發平臺“Montevina(開發代號名)”的正式名稱為 “Centrino 2”。Centrino 2尤其提高了圖像處理性能。另外,還演示了可以流暢地播放藍光光碟這一特點。支援Centrino 2的產品估計將於08年6月問世。

  另外,Palmutter還介紹了Centrino 2之後的開發平臺“Calpella(開發代號名)”。但只是大致介紹了概要:(1)基於新一代微架構“Nehalem(開發代號名)”;(2)將強化電 源管理性能;(3)將強化管理和安全性能;(4)將強化圖像處理性能等。(記者:北鄉 達郎)



帝国ホテル(ていこくホテル、英称Imperial Hotel)とは、


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